Friday, September 28, 2012

The President's speech at CGI.

For those that tune into this space wishing there was more Human Trafficking news, I have great news:  in the coming week or two, there should be a more dedicated space.  Thanks for your patience and requests!  I do, however, chose to post significant events here from time to time.  This week, for the first time since Abraham Lincoln, we had a sitting President speak on the question of Human Trafficking.  Of particular note, the President thanked people of faith for leading the world in this effort.  He specifically called out those in Atlanta, but he acknowledged that this is an effort being led by many churches in many different communities.  If you are so inclined, take a listen . . . .

Those in orbit of this effort have remarked on the accompanying "buzz" about human trafficking in the press.  For that we are grateful.  And while we are grateful that the President has finally called upon Congress to pass the Trafficked Victims Protection Re-Authorization Act, we also note that the law has been lapsed for nearly a year.  By the government's own estimates, another 17,000 victims have been smuggled into this country to live a life in slavery, thanks in part to our politicians' lack of will and action.  Another 1,600,000 - 2,800,000 American runaways potentially have been targeted by slavers, thanks in part to our politicians' unwillingness to deal with problems of substance.  As a result, the land of the free has shirked its responsibilities described in the Declaration of Independence and spelled out in our Constitution.  No politician deserves accolades for having politicized this moral evil, and neither party is without blame in this particular mess.


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