Saturday, March 22, 2008

Bread, manna, tortillas . . .

     What in the world am I going to do with these tortillas? -- It was a question which was giving me pause this week.  For some reason, Angel Food had put way too many tortillas on our truck.  We had nearly a hundred bags of tortillas too many!  There were not enough to give everybody two bags, but there were far too many to dispose of easily.
     I decided to take them to Winnie's Place.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered that there were three hispanic families newly moved into the facility.  One of the kids took a couple bags of tortillas off the big box full of tortillas and starting shouting and thanking me all at the same time.  Better still, he took the tortillas and held them aloft like Rocky Balboa and proceeded to call the other kids to show them his victory.  My Spanish is so bad now as to be nearly non-existent, but I caught enough to hear the wonder and surprise.  The lady working at Winnie's was enjoying it as nearly as much as I was.  You see, they had been living without their comfort food.
     I suppose it might be analogous to my love of peanut butter and jelly.  Sometimes, I just have to have a good pb & j to make the world seem a little better.  It hits the spot and reminds me of simpler times.  The tortilla and butter seemed to serve the same for these children.  Keep in mind, each had been uprooted from an abusive home and moved to a place for their own safety.  Those that run the shelter do their best to provide food, shelter, and safety for those brought to them.  While the kids were being fed well, they were not well-fed.  They had no comfort food.  Their favorite snack was not provided.  In the midst of a new environment, with the uncertainty that surrounded their future, a tangible connection had been lost.  And here God had faithfully met a need.
     They were only tortillas, nearly too many tortillas; yet these children treated them as I would a good pb & j after a terrible day at work.  Nothing flashy, nothing fancy; just good old comfort food.  Events such as these never cease to amaze me.  God's marvelous works are often remembered from the Bible; yet so often He is at work in our midst.  Our Father in heaven provided food for His children whose own father had acted as anything but a father.  They had been forced to flee one who should have loved them more than anyone one in the world.  And, in the midst of their hurt, fear, and confusion, He gave them a feast which only a dad could provide.  Give us this day our daily bread, and pray that the Father always give us eyes to see His provision in our midst.

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