Tuesday, May 19, 2009

He called you and me and . . .


     What does your church look like? -- It is a question that we would all do well to consider from time to time. As 21st Century Episcopalians, we probably have a greater love for institutionalism than is healthy. Maybe, were we to take a test on Facebook, we would end up classifying ourselves as “abnormally institutional.”

     Our readings this week, however, spoke to the fact that we are called to remember that He chose and that He called us. We did not earn our way to the feast, we did not merit some special invitation, and we certainly do not have all our acts (either collectively or individually) together at this point. We are simply called together in common love of Him and in common mission to the world around us as a thankful response to the grace and forgiveness that He offers the whole world.

     The above picture is a fascinating reproduction of that understanding. It is a re-creation of the Last Supper that ought to perhaps tweak us and make us reflect upon ourselves. Were they gangsters? Thugs? Drug dealers? Does it matter?

     Jesus came to save all that would accept His offer. The wash basin reminds us that He came to wash them just as He came to wash us. And so, as we contemplate and consider the “strangeness” and “differentness” of those whom He has called in this picture, let us not lose sight of those He has called in our midst, including ourselves.


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