Thursday, November 4, 2010

Week of November 1 College Football Rankings

Week 9 Rankings

Team Ranking

1. Auburn 14.11
2. Boise State 13.00
3. TCU 12.56
4. Utah 12.13
5. Missouri 11.75
6. (tie) Oklahoma 11.63
6. (tie) Oklahoma State 11.63
6. (tie) Oregon 11.63
9. Ohio State 11.44
10. Michigan State 11.33
11. Nebraska 11.25
12. Alabama 11.13
13. LSU 11.00
14. Arizona 10.75
15. Wisconsin 10.38
16. Stanford 10.25
17. Maryland 9.88
18. Mississippi State 9.78
19. (tie)Iowa 9.63
19. (tie)Nevada 9.63
21. Hawaii 9.56
22. Virginia Tech 9.38
23. South Carolina 9.25
24. Baylor 9.11
25. Central Florida 8.75

Ok. It’s out, for all those who have been nagging me to rank the teams again. Obviously, the Auburn Tigers benefit from their early schedule strength, and, should they win out, will likely win the mythical championship. The TCU/Utah winner will obviously benefit, but it remains to be seen if either can leap Boise State with Hawaii and Nevada still on the Broncos’ schedule. Oregon is punished in this system because 1 of their victories is over a 1-AA team (Portland State) and because they have beaten two teams with no wins against 1-A competition (New Mexico & Washington State) and 1 team with only a single win against 1-A competition (Tennessee). There are still a number of important games to be played, so it will be interesting to see who rises and who falls from here. And while I do not encourage the use of these for gambling purposes, that discouragement is really important right now. Auburn and Boise State have separated themselves a bit from the field, but #5-#24 look pretty jammed up at this point. It's a sure sign that anybody can beat anybody!


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