Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Rome: Day 3, afternoon session on Partnerships . . .

The questions prompted Rachel to share the purpose of the Anglican Alliance. The Alliance grew out of Lambeth 2008. Essentially, bishops wanted to share knowledge, resources, networks, and etc and needed a platform from which to accomplish missions identified by the Communion. As a result of Primacial conversations, decisions of the board, and advocacy within the advisory council, the Alliance is the platform for gender-based violence and human trafficking. Ideally, this group becomes the platform for sharing and educating provinces, diocese, and parishes.

Olga spoke next about Caritas International. Their work stems from the belief that the Church is called to be an agent of change in the world and the fact that the Church is called to give voice to the voiceless. They gather every two years to evaluate their last two years and to set goals for the next two years (which will be evaluated in two years). and BAOBOB serve as their internet sharing platform. Their current focus is advocacy, though they try to connect everyone with what they are seeking/need. people of faith have an obligation to work together because of the Second Great Commandment. What earns our right to be heard when advocating and setting policy is the fact that we live among them, and can earn their respect and trust.

Antonia Stampalija joined us for the last presentation to discuss the goals and objectives of the Global Freedom Network. The goal of the GFN is to eliminate slavery by 2020 throughout our world for all time. All world faiths are invited to participate. There will be a major announcement in December regarding the growing participation! First significant event will be the gathering of young adults to share experiences and instruct the Church how we might prevent other youths from experiencing the same. The just released TIP report of 2013 data said only 44,758 victims were identified, only 9460 prosecutions were attempted, resulting in only 5776 convictions. That means we could not identify even 10,000 individuals victimized by a $30+ Billion industry. Lord have mercy.

Terrie shared her perspective of the work being done around the Anglican Communion. She is the new director for Women in Church and Society.

Now it is video time. Some have used video to share their stories, and we get to see them! Then it is dinner with some dignitaries . . .

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