Monday, October 3, 2011

Senators join the fight against slavery . . .

Although thousands of people were abandoned by the inaction of our Congress last Friday, and hope has been allowed to expire for somewhere between 27 and 41 million people around the world, some Senators from around the country committed to helping in the fight against Human Trafficking.  To be fair, a couple were co-sponsors before last week's effort to get pressure Congress to pass the TVPRA through Social media, but your phone calls and e-mails encouraged them to make sure their names were added to the list of those fighting human slavery.  Thank you to Daniel Akaka, Richard Burr, Mary Landrieu, Mark Udall, and Ron Wyden for lending your support to the passage of the 2011 TVPRA.  And thank you to everyone who has posted the inaction and what to do on Facebook, Twitter, blogs or shared with friends, co-workers, and family face to face.  You hard work last week cause 16 members of Congress to join the fight.  Still, the bill languishes in Congress, so we have more work to do!  If your Representative or Senator is not listed as a co-sponsor, ask them why!  Let them know how you feel and that you will be sharing with your friends and family your feelings about their lack of support.  Maybe your grass roots effort can help get elected people who remember that this is the land of the free!
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