Thursday, October 6, 2011

We can move mountains . . . and even Congress!

Yesterday ended up being a tipping point in this year's efforts to get the TVPRA renewed.  After sitting on its rear-end for the past several weeks and even allowing the previous law to expire last Friday, Congress got moving thanks to calls and e-mails of its citizens.  Unexpectedly, the US House Committee on Foreign Affairs added the bill to its docket and passed it unanimously!  Chairman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen specifically thanked all those "who took this unseen issue and made it a top priority." Better still, the chairman stated "I am committed to move this bill forward.
While that was happening, the Senate Committee on the Judiciary announced it would take up the bill today.  The hope is that the full House will vote today, the full Senate tomorrow, and that the President will sign it no later than Monday!
On top of all that, 6 more Representatives joined us in the fight against Human Trafficking by becoming co-sponsors of the bill.  Thank you Marcia Fudge, Bob Filner, Bill Johnson, Ted Poe, Peter Welch, and Brad Sherman for lending your support in so visible a way!  And thank you all who lobbied your Congressional delegation to make this happen!


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